Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

On the Job: CAD Device Maker Controls Data with PLM

11 Jan, 2006 Cadalyst

3Dconnexion implements Agile solution, improves collaboration with partners in China

3Dconnexion, manufacturer of 3D input devices for the CAD/CAM and graphic design industries, has implemented Agile Software's Agile 9 to improve the flow of product information and collaboration with its manufacturing partners in China.

Agile PLM provides enterprise visibility, management and collaboration of new and changing product record information across the extended supply chain, helping companies define, develop and manage product development. Implementing the Agile suite took just six weeks, thanks in large part to the software's intuitive design, the companies report. 3Dconnexion's holding company, Logitech, is also running Agile's PLM solution.

"Prior to implementing Agile's PLM software, 3Dconnexion had no central database of product information," said Antonio Pascucci, the company's engineering manager. "Product information could not easily be shared across the organization, while data from our Chinese suppliers was difficult to reconcile across the various departments that needed that information. Agile PLM has provided a central database of current and future product information, which gives everybody involved in the product development process access to the most up-to-date information. This unified approach has led to better workflow management and has increased our competitive advantage."

3Dconnexion now has the technology and the processes in place to better manage and share critical product information internally and across its extended supply chain. All parties involved in the supply chain have access to preliminary and released information about any product, part or document with visibility into pending and released changes (and the items that will be affected by these changes).

"3Dconnexion leads the world in manufacturing advanced motion control devices for CAD/CAM and digital content creation environments," said James Aufdemberge, Agile senior vice president, international operations. "Its products have a reputation for innovation in terms of design and usage. By investing in Agile's PLM suite, 3Dconnexion will be able to better manage the flow of product data throughout the company and extended supply chain, ensuring it remains ahead of the competition by continuing to develop high-quality, visionary products."