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Cadalyst editors welcome your feedback and suggestions; contact us at Please note that Cadalyst editors cannot address requests for technical advice. If you have a problem with your CAD software or code, try posing your question to peers and industry experts at Cadalyst's LinkedIn group or Facebook page.

Lara Sheridan
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Cadalyst welcomes news and information from the field of CAD and related technologies; submit all press releases to Please note that this information informs our coverage, and is often included in our articles, but we do not publish unmodified press releases.

Cadalyst editors receive hundreds of e-mail messages each day. To ensure timely consideration of your press release, please consider these suggestions:

  • Subject line: Express specifically what is new. Avoid generic subject lines such as "Press Release."
  • Message body: A quick summary of the news is helpful at the start of the message, followed by the full content (text) of the press release embedded in the body of the e-mail message. Including the press release only as an attached file or web link hinders timely consideration of your news.    
  • Attachments/images: Low-resolution images are much appreciated and can be included as attached files. Editors will contact you to request high-resolution images if required.


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