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Get Organized with Total Folder Monitor

27 Jan, 2015 By: Robert Green

Start the year off right by getting your network folders organized.

Total Folder MonitorIf you're like most CAD managers, you spend too much time trudging through network folders cleaning out garbage, organizing folders, and converting files. While none of these tasks are difficult, they are laborious. In the past, I've reverted to my DOS batch skills or old Command line utilities and spliced them into my Windows services, but that process takes time and isn't familiar to everyone. There must be a better way, right?

I've started using a utility called Total Folder Monitor from to automate these sorts of tasks. After a quick download, simply set up the desired parameters and Total Folder Monitor runs and keeps constant tabs on the target folders and tasks you specify.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Check a folder(s) for the existence of BAK files and delete them.
  • Check a folder(s) for the presence of PDF files and move them to an FTP drop box.

To create a task, you first select a folder and specify the timing and file conditions to monitor.

Total Folder Monitor

Next, you specify the event action you want to perform when the task criteria are met.

Total Folder Monitor

It's pretty simple. In addition, you can run an external application of Total Folder Monitor lets you via the Command line, so you can trigger almost any process. For example, you can have it monitor a folder for the presence of a DWG file and automatically start AutoCAD to create a plot.

The possibilities with this software are endless. Give the free trial download a try — I think you'll find the file management automation alone is a great time saver. A single seat of Total Folder Monitor costs $49.90; for what it does and the time you'll save, I bet it'll pay for itself right away.

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Robert Green

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