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Window Maker Speeds File Retrieval Time with AutoCAD Search Tool

10 Jul, 2013 By: David Miesbauer,Steve Gaston

With a quarter-million CAD drawings on file, Sierra Pacific Industries depends on DrawingSearcher to fulfill customer requests in a timely fashion.

As anyone in the housing, construction, and home improvement industries can attest, the past few years have been among the most challenging in recent history. Because of the tough economic climate, construction companies are forgoing customized products and homeowners are putting off home renovations. When there aren’t as many new orders coming in, existing customers become even more important to a business's success.

Providing our customers with timely, professional service is a priority for Sierra Pacific Industries, a forest products company that makes specialized doors and windows. To meet this goal, Sierra Pacific relies on its employees and some sophisticated technology: a search tool that reduces the time it takes service personnel to find AutoCAD drawings in the company's archive.

Every product Sierra Pacific makes starts with CAD drawings that detail the precise shape, size, and design of the doors or windows the customer has requested. All products Sierra Pacific makes are custom-made — customized for each individual job and each client’s specific needs. There may be dozens of drawings per project, based on the customer's specifications.

At Sierra Pacific, workers craft windows and doors customized for each architectural application.

Once projects are complete, Sierra Pacific's service team needs to access and locate specific drawings quickly and effectively. Each customer's project and service needs are different; however, customers usually want a record of their project, especially if they plan to make any modifications, add-ons, or redesigns in the future. Also, prospective buyers of a property often ask for drawings to be included with the sale of the property.

Drawing requests come to any one of Sierra Pacific's eleven service offices, where there may be as many as 30 requests per week for specific drawing and project information. The size of the drawing archive — which currently comprises close to 250,000 drawings — also presents a challenge.

To better help our staff more easily locate the correct CAD drawing quickly, Sierra Pacific deployed Docupoint DrawingSearcher. This program shortens to just a few minutes searches that would otherwise take the service team days, or even weeks, to complete.

Before Sierra Pacific had an AutoCAD search program, service personnel had to manually sort through the company's archive until they found the drawing that the customer needed. It was a cumbersome, timely, and expensive prospect for Sierra Pacific, and the company's customer service suffered because of it.

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About the Author: David Miesbauer

About the Author: Steve Gaston

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