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Window Maker Speeds File Retrieval Time with AutoCAD Search Tool

10 Jul, 2013 By: David Miesbauer,Steve Gaston

With a quarter-million CAD drawings on file, Sierra Pacific Industries depends on DrawingSearcher to fulfill customer requests in a timely fashion.

After examining the various options that were on the market, Sierra Pacific chose Docupoint's product because of its functionality, ease of use, and quick return of search results. Anyone who uses Internet search engines has the skills needed to use DrawingSearcher. The web-based interface lets users search for words or codes within AutoCAD drawings so the service team can locate specific drawings for customers quickly and effectively, allowing Sierra Pacific to better meet the needs of its customers.

Employees type words or codes into DrawingSearcher's web-based interface to find AutoCAD drawings stored in
Sierra Pacific's archive.

DrawingSearcher is accessible from any Internet-connected desktop or laptop inside Sierra Pacific's firewall. For an employee to gain access while off-site — for example, while working at home — he or she can use a secure virtual private network (VPN) with appropriate login/password protections.

Sierra Pacific has been using DrawingSearcher for close to 10 years, and continues to see enormous benefits from utilizing the system. By utilizing DrawingSearcher, our service team has become more nimble, responsive, and effective.

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About the Author: David Miesbauer

About the Author: Steve Gaston

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