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Cadalyst Publishes 2020 Guide to Monitors for CAD Users

2 Jul, 2020 By: Cadalyst Staff

Need some guidance on viewing angles, resolution, and other deciding factors? Four industry insiders share insights to simplify the selection process.

When you consistently spend long hours working at a computer monitor, the details matter. Size, resolution, and other factors can boost — or hamper — your productivity. But with new technologies increasing the number of options available, it can be difficult to determine what would suit you best.

To help you select the right monitor for your needs, representatives from four manufacturers share important considerations for CAD users in the 2020 edition of "Choose the Best Type of Monitor for CAD." Download this free Cadalyst guide for a range of perspectives from industry experts at BenQ, Lenovo, NEC Display, and ViewSonic. Get advice about form factors, response time, resolution, connectivity, and more that can help you make better choices — whether you're selecting monitors for yourself or for an entire department of CAD users.

About the Author: Cadalyst Staff

Cadalyst Staff

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