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Businesses Are Getting Back to Work with Printers

12 Jul, 2022 By: Jacob Hardin

VIEWPOINT: How technical professionals are leveraging printers at home, the office, and on the job site.

As businesses across the nation continue to navigate and manage workflow across hybrid working environments and jobsites, technology is playing a key role in helping professionals equip workspaces for the future. Businesses looking to achieve long-term stability and success need to stay agile and invest in solutions that can keep up with changing workflow.

Today’s work environment is an essential combination of both print and digital files, and businesses across a wide variety of industries — architecture, engineering, construction, CAD design, and more — depend on tangible, printed materials to stay efficient and productive. Whether working from home, at the office or on the jobsite, wide-format printing continues to offer crucial benefits for businesses getting back to work.


Communicating in Color

Wide-format printing is one of the easiest ways to communicate large amounts of technical information and visuals quickly and precisely. Instead of zooming in on documents, blueprints and charts on small mobile devices and tablets at a jobsite, professionals are easily interpreting, sharing, marking up, and referencing printed output. There’s no need to charge a device in the middle of a meeting to continue the project, and team members reduce small screen scrolling fatigue throughout the workday.

While some professionals print day-to-day documents that don’t require color, many are printing multicolored technical drawings, architectural blueprints, GIS maps, display signage, posters, and more to communicate and collaborate with team members. Color printing can help enhance the organization, presentation, and identification of important information, bringing materials to life and improving communication, comprehension, and engagement across team members. Information is located much faster when it’s presented in different colors, reducing visual search time and helping professionals quickly access the most important details.

Advanced CAD printers today leverage inkjet technologies designed to make color printing fast, efficient, and most importantly, affordable for businesses of all sizes. Instant-dry pigment ink can provide extra-sharp text, vivid color graphics, outstanding line accuracy, and consistency on a wide variety of media, as well as smudge, fade and water resistance, which is important for technical documents used in the field.


Image source: EPSON.

Image source: EPSON.


Collaborating with Teams Across Multiple Locations

It can be challenging to complete projects efficiently when there are various teams and stakeholders collaborating from multiple locations. However, professionals today no longer have to view crucial project details on small devices, add extra time and costs to outsource print or scan jobs, or physically transport plans and documents back and forth between multiple different teams.

From the field to the office, during the entire project life cycle, businesses are benefiting from CAD printers that help improve collaboration and streamline workflow. With support for versatile connectivity, professionals are able to leverage printers to move jobs in and out fast, and print from virtually anywhere. Staying up-to-date with each stage of the development process, team members use multifunction printers to scan notes, revisions, plans, and other visuals to e-mail and network folders so everyone quickly accesses the files, no matter where they’re located.

From the initial design phase to implementation, team members in the field and other personnel are easily accessing important updates and records and keeping projects running smoothly.


Optimizing Valuable Space

As work arrangements and office needs continue to evolve, there is an increasing demand for compact solutions that can fit seamlessly into any office or shop, even if space is very limited.

Whether working from home, in a trailer, or at the office in an open floor plan with individual or group workstations, technical professionals need to prioritize functionality when considering office layouts and plans. And, while you may be building the workplace you need today, it’s important to factor in space for future growth and expansion.

Businesses are saving valuable space with CAD printers featuring a compact footprint and design. Instead of the large and bulky office plotters of the past, printers today have become much more modern and sleek, taking up minimal space while providing advanced features for maximum productivity. Team members are easily printing and sharing high quality blueprints, technical documents, graphics, and more with versatile printers designed to enhance workspaces, not add more clutter.


Image source: EPSON.

Image source: EPSON.


Accelerating Project Delivery and Ensuring Quality

Every business has unique needs, and a valuable CAD printer can help you keep up with them. Running out to third-party print services every time a team member needs hard copies of documents can waste time and can also be very expensive. Businesses can save money in the long term with in-house printers with long service lives.

Whether team members are printing important client work or internal documents, bringing printing in-house and on-site allows businesses to gain more control over quality and output. Team members are printing sharp technical drawings, blueprints, maps, and more. Updated plans and notes are printed immediately and distributed quickly and efficiently, ensuring deadlines are met and projects are completed on time.

Innovative CAD printers today are easily keeping pace with businesses’ changing demands and requirements and providing the speed and flexibility businesses need to adapt and scale in today’s market.


Key Takeaways

For most businesses, especially those working in construction, architecture, engineering, and CAD design, printing and producing hard copies of documents and graphics is a vital part of daily operations. From blueprints, renderings, maps, and technical drawings to administrative needs such as invoices, schedules, and inventory lists, businesses rely on high-quality, cost-effective CAD printers, engineered for reliability, for all kinds of projects.

To support employees — regardless of where they are physically working — printers must provide efficiency, reliability, and productivity, day in and day out. By investing in the right tools, businesses can lower costs, improve team collaboration and provide employees with the tools they need to succeed in today’s workspace.

About the Author: Jacob Hardin

Jacob Hardin

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