Design-Related Technologies
Bentley Systems' SYNCHRO Article
Synchronize Your Construction Components   13 Jan, 2022

VIEWPOINT: Case Study: Bentley’s SYNCHRO helps company complete a complex project with an aggressive timeline. More>>

CAD Manager's Column Article
New Year, New Realities: Predictions and Resolutions for CAD Managers   12 Jan, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: 2022 will continue to be full of COVID-19 realities, high project loads, and a tight labor market. Make some important resolutions now so you can prepare and succeed this year.More>>

Fujitsu’s CELSIUS H5511 Mobile Workstation Sponsored
Fujitsu’s CELSIUS H5511 Mobile Workstation Reflects the Evolving Demands — and Tastes — of Visual Computing Professionals   17 Dec, 2021

The pandemic may have kickstarted a surge in mobile workstation sales, but it’s far from the only tailwind behind the mobile workstation’s prominence in CAD computing. More>>

HP’s Z2 and Intel’s 11th Generation Core Article
HP’s Z2 and Intel’s 11th Generation Core: Surveying Today’s Quintessential CAD Workstation Hardware   18 Nov, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: An opportunity to check out the state of the art in mainstream fixed workstations, as well as assess the CAD performance of Intel’s Rocket Lake CPU.More>>

HP Metal Jet Article
Putting Pedal to the Metal — HP and Partners Move Metal Jet Printing to the Fast Lane   15 Nov, 2021

VIEWPOINT: Case Study: Find out how metal jet printing works and how the technology is helping bring new products to market faster than ever.More>>

Herrera on Hardware Article
NVIDIA Ampere and AMD RDNA2: Cutting-edge GPUs for CAD   21 Oct, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: How do these GPUs stack up for traditional 3D CAD use, plus let’s see how they perform under rendering pressure.More>>

The Evolving Role of the Mobile Workstation, Part 2 Article
The Evolving Role of the Mobile Workstation, Part 2   16 Sep, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: It comes down to physics — a deskside can always outperform a mobile workstation. Cadalyst hardware expert, Alex Herrera, looks under the hood of both to break down the pros and cons of each form factor.More>>

HP Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer Article
Multi Jet Fusion Technology Sparks a New Era in Futuristic Audio   14 Sep, 2021

VIEWPOINT: Case Study: The central component of Syng’s revolutionary Cell Alpha speaker is made possible by HP 3D printing technology and production partner Forecast 3D.More>>

The Evolving Role of the Mobile Workstation, Part 1 Article
The Evolving Role of the Mobile Workstation, Part 1   19 Aug, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: HP’s ZBook Power G8 epitomizes what’s possible in a mobile form factor.More>>

CAD from Home, Part 1: Workstations Article
CAD from Home, Part 1: Workstations   11 Aug, 2021

CAD Manager's Column: If your CAD team needs to work from home — whether from COVID-19 restrictions or work/lifestyle changes — they must have the right workstation to get CAD work done.More>>