Design Testing and Analysis, CAE
MCAD MODELLING METHODS: Human Factors Engineering   1 Jul, 2004

Virtual prototyping boosts safety, comfort, and ergonomics.More>>

Virtual reality aids understanding of fluid analysis results   15 Mar, 2004

Virtual reality is beginning to have a major impact on engineering design by streamlining the process of converting analysis results into design solutions.More>>

ESI Groups buys analysis software lineup from CFDRC   2 Feb, 2004

Acquisition helps ESI Group expand its U.S. presence.More>>

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Tech Trends   1 Feb, 2004

On January 16, 2004, on a clear bright day in space, engineers at ASI (Alliance Spacesystems) in Pasadena, California, held their collective breaths as a project they had poured their best efforts into faced its ultimate test. Given that this proof-is-in-the-pudding event lasted only a handful of...More>>

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SimScale’s Student Ambassador Holds Biomedical Engineering Workshop   7 Jun, 2019

This year, student ambassador Mohammad Fozan conducted a two-day workshop titled “Biomedical Engineering” in collaboration with SimScale for the...More>>

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