AutoCAD 2023 Arrives!

1 Apr, 2022 By: Cadalyst Staff

New version of AutoCAD promises further automation of processes and collaboration.

Autodesk released AutoCAD 2023 this week, with the statement that it offers “deeper insights, collaboration, and automation.” As we all continue to integrate new work habits in regards to COVID-19, this version of AutoCAD boosts the programs ability to handle new collaboration tools while “deeper insights” refers to the program’s new abilities to learn and automate your processes.

The new My Insights area notices how you work, and then offers suggested tools and work processes. The LISP API is now available in the AutoCAD web app, and you can use it to customize AutoCAD and automate repetitive processes as needed. Dania El Hassan, Director of AutoCAD Product Management states, “We’re excited about the future of the AutoCAD and are committed to addressing our customers’ rapidly evolving modern workflows. With Markup Import and Markup Assist and My Insights: Macro Advisor in AutoCAD 2023, both powered by machine learning, we strive to make sure the time users spend in AutoCAD continues to be efficient and productive. The automations and insights we’re developing will continue to leverage the latest technology to guide users toward completely new design outcomes.”

AutoCAD 2023 further integrates the AutoCAD web and mobile apps, so users can design, draft, edit, share, and markup drawings in AutoCAD anywhere you are. From within the web app, you can now upload drawing templates, plot styles, and other support files to create DWG files that meet your company’s CAD standards.

The industry-specific toolsets are updated for 2023 so you can connect to and retrieve data from Autodesk, import and edit data from spreadsheets, filter files to find projects or repeat projects.


AutoCAD 2023 Markup Import and Markup Assist

The new Markup Import and Markup Assist tools facilitate implementing updates to design and speed collaboration. Image source Autodesk, click to enlarge.


Markup Import & Markup Assist. These two tools are designed to help you send and incorporate feedback into your designs, according to Autodesk. For example, you can bring feedback from a printed PDF and import the feedback as a trace layer into AutoCAD, and then is converted into an object. Markup Assist then lets you add the text or object directly into your drawing.


AutoCAD 2023 My Insights

As you work, My Insights notices your process and then offers suggestions on how to implement a macro that could save you time. Image source Autodesk, click to enlarge.


My Insights: Macro Advisor. Everyone wants to work more efficiently and the My Insights advisory engine will suggest macros that could automate your most frequently repeated workflows. It automatically pays attention to our work process and offers suggestions at the bottom of your screen and in the My Insights tab.


AutoCAD 2023 LISP API for the Web app

You can now use your favorite LISP routines on the AutoCAD web app. Image source Autodesk, click to enlarge.


LISP Everywhere. You can now use your LISP routines on the AutoCAD web app. Load or manage LISP files and type in LISP commands just as you would on the desktop. Note that this feature is only available for AutoCAD subscribers.


Other Updates

  • The Command line is available on any active window.
  • You can create trace layers in AutoCAD and web and mobile apps now.
  • The Count toolbar is updated so you can select counted objects, use the arrow keys to move to the previous or next counted object, and directly insert a count field to a table or text.
  • Rendering of 3D objects is up to 10 times faster when using the shaded, shaded with edges, and wireframe visual styles.  
  • The MLEADER command now has an option to select an exisitng mtext object to use for the new leader.
  • The new CUTBASE command copies selected object to the Clipboard, along with a specified base point, and removes them from the drawing, and more.


Pricing & Availability
AutoCAD 2023 is available for download now, and 30-day trials are also available. Offered by subscription only, AutoCAD is priced at $235 per month, $1,865 per year, or $5,315 for three years. AutoCAD has a flexible subscription model, with new features available with each release and product updates. The AutoCAD subscription includes access to seven industry-specific toolsets for disciplines such as architecture, mechanical design, and electrical design. In addition, new this year, AutoCAD is available using the company’s new Flex program. Companies can buy 500 to 10,000 tokens, $1,500 to $28,500 respectively, (larger quantities available) and then use the program as needed at a cost of 7 tokens per day, opening up an ad-hoc use of the program. AutoCAD LT is available for $460/year. AutoCAD mobile app costs $55/year, with a free version also available with purchase of AutoCAD products. AutoCAD 2023 and AutoCAD LT 2023 for the Mac are both also now available.

Visit Autodesk for more details. In addition, you can register for a live webinar on April 21, 8am (PDT) to learn more about what’s new in AutoCAD 2023.


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