Three Quick, Time-Saving Tips for Inventor 2022

10 Jun, 2021 By: Hal Carruthers

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Find your lost dialog boxes, format text quickly, and close down without slowing down in Inventor 2022.

Editor's note: This tutorial courtesy of IMAGINiT Technologies.


Cadalyst is pleased to re-introduce a monthly how-to column from IMAGINiT Technologies! You’ll find time-saving tips and tricks each month, here in our IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial.

Inventor 2022 offers a plethora of new time-savings tools, but you have to know how to find them, to use them. This month we focus in on how to find your lost dialog boxes when moving from multiple monitors down to one, formatting text quickly, and how to close down all files at once.

Have you ever moved from working on multiple monitors down to a laptop or single monitor while working with Inventor? If you have, you know how frustrating it is to suddenly lose panels or dialog boxes off your screen! With Inventor 2021 and earlier releases, you had to press <ALT>-<SPACE>-<M> and then use the keyboard arrow keys to move to your lost window. But then, which direction should you move the hidden dialog box?

RESET UI in Inventor 2022 removes this frustration. You’ll find Reset UI under Tools/Option Panel and under the View tab. Unless you’ve read the What’s New in 2022 Help section, you probably are not aware of the very welcome feature.

Inventor's 2022 Reset UI is found under Tools/Option Panel and. . .

. . . under the View tab.


Format Text for Inventor 2022

To help make formatting text more efficient, the Format Text dialog box now includes both options for adding Properties and Parameters instead of separately. The few clicks, the better.


File Tabs in Inventor 2022

At the end of an Inventor session, you used to have to close each file individually. Now with Inventor 2022 you simply right-mouse click on a tab and select Close All and everything closes.

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Hal Carruthers

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