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Bentley: A Better Deal

16 Nov, 2019 By: Bentley Systems

You Have a Choice for a Better Deal

How you can with MicroStation
Purchase Software to Suit Your Business Needs

Better Commercial Offer


Companies, like yours, told us that they need flexibility in purchasing mission-critical software, and we listened. We provide you with the ability to purchase the way that suits your business model.

•  Perpetual licensing and an annual maintenance agreement for product ownership
•  Enterprise wide license agreement to meet your staff needs
•  Term licenses to align peak workloads and changing software requirements
•  Annual subscription for named users


Whatever your organization needs, we have a program for you. Forget managing a token system; we don’t offer one. Nor do we impose a use-your-software license in a set period or you will lose access. We provide a wide array of commercial offerings to ensure that you have the complete flexibility you need. Combine our licensing offerings with with our advanced technology and superior support, and we have an unbeatable solution.

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