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14 Nov, 2019 By: Bentley Systems

You Have a Better Choice
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Are you facing an ever-increasing workload with tighter deadlines, but your productivity is not growing as the same pace? Maintaining your competitive edge depends on combining the latest technology with your skills and experience to win and deliver more successful projects faster, while optimizing your designs. Can your current software meet these challenges?

Choose MicroStation: Advance Your Competitiveness.
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David Huie, Senior Product Marketing
Manager, Modeling and Visualization
MicroStation can elevate your competitiveness and help you achieve a better return on your investment.

MicroStation enables you to incrementally adopt BIM-enabled workflows to advance your productivity without the disruption of abandoning your existing CAD libraries, details, project files, and standards.

Use MicroStation to deliver better projects, faster than the competition. Take advantage of better commercial offerings, better technology, and better service to ensure your success.


Why Bentley's Technology Improves Your Project Delivery

Why Bentley’s Technology Improves Your Project Delivery

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•  Purchase your way with perpetual licenses and subscription programs
•  Take advantage of SELECT coverage, Portfolio Balancing, and License Polling
•  Ramp up software licenses as you need and pay for what you use
•  Forget about the complexity of Tokens, they are not part of our programs
 Why Bentley's a Better Deal for Your Organization

Why Bentley’s a Better Deal for Your Organization

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•  Explore more design options
•  Incorporate multiple disciplines
•  Integrate any data type
•  Design within real-world context
•  Improve project deliverables
 Why Bentley's Support Is Unmatched in the Industry

Why Bentley’s Support Is Unmatched in the Industry

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•  Depend on support from thousands of licensed engineers and architects
•  Access 24/7/365 live and ondemand support
•  Learn the way you want, when you want
•  Get productive as quickly as possible


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