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Bentley: Better Support and Services

15 Nov, 2019 By: Bentley Systems

You Have a Choice for Expert Assistance

Choose the Best Option for Advancing Your Productivity
Better Support and Services  When you combine MicroStation with world-class support and services, you are on your way to elevating your competitive outlook.

Not only do we provide the best technology, our support organization is there to help you onboard as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can begin designing and delivering projects quickly. We will work with you to make certain your team successfully transitions in days and not weeks.

MicroStation will help differentiate you from your competitors.
•  Address your day-to-day critical business issues with software built to meet your needs
•  Minimize project and financial risks using one common modeiling environment to integrate multiple disciplines
•  Enhance productivity and quality with automated documentation and workflows
•  Improve project deliverables with work-share across the ecosystem
•  Forget about tokens or subscription program limitations, and choose from a wide array of purchasing options

Download the e-Book
Download the e-Book


Depend on support from world-leading experts to transition your team and ensure their productivity in days, not weeks, using Bentley software.   Access 24/7/365 support from thousands of licensed engineers and architects, program managers, product specialists, and certified instructors spanning 40+ distinct competencies and 44 languages.   Bridge the gaps in your IT resources, skills, and expertise to accelerate your time to value and optimize your business outcomes.
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