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Surfaces and Solids   31 Mar, 2001

Although most people concentrate on Mechanical Desktop's parametric solid-modeling tools, the program also has a decent set of surface-modeling tools that can make smoothly curved shapes.More>>

User Interfaces- FreeForm Modeling   31 Mar, 2001

SensAble haptic system lets you shape virtual clay onscreen.More>>

Plot Minder 2.1.5   28 Feb, 2001

Plot Minder 2.1.5 tracks plot information from AutoCAD Release 14 and 2000 using a customized Microsoft Access database.More>>

Print Suite 2.0.4   28 Feb, 2001

Print Suite 2.0.4 lets you track AutoCAD plots and all other application prints to any Windows printer.More>>

Argos 3.5   28 Feb, 2001

Argos has two application components for tracking plots.More>>

SmartPLOT 3.6   28 Feb, 2001

SmartPLOT 3.6 from Technesis lets you track plots directly from AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and MicroStation.More>>

Utilities to keep tabs on plotting costs   28 Feb, 2001

Plot-tracking software automates data collection and billingMore>>

A New Openness   31 Jan, 2001

Release 5 of Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop, profiles no longer need to form a closed loop. In fact a profile can be as simple as a single line.More>>

Back To 2D   30 Nov, 2000

Even though transferring data directly from computer 3D models to the machines that manufacture parts is becoming increasingly common, you often still need to make fully dimensioned multiview 2D drawings from your 3D solid models.More>>

Which one? Hewlett-Packard's new line   30 Sep, 2000

Inkjet, thermal, and LED plotters reviewedMore>>

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