Drafting and 2D Design
The Down and Dirty Basics of Customizing AutoCAD   31 Jan, 1999

There are many different sections of AutoCAD worthy of customizing. The pulldown menus and toolbars are probably the easiest and most popular.More>>

Details, Details, Details...   31 Dec, 1998

When producing a plan, whether it is for a part to be manufactured, a site layout or a highway bridge, there are a lot of details.More>>

Editing Those Raster Images   31 Dec, 1998

How to edit raster images after you've inserted them.More>>

Play It again and again and again, Sam   30 Nov, 1998

Too many drawings to update? Too little time? Scripts to the rescue.More>>

The World of Raster   30 Nov, 1998

This month we'll tour some of the raster capabilities of AutoCAD R14More>>