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25 Sep, 2013 By: Robert Green

Try this tool resource the next time you face a project that requires converting multiple files.

For a recent project, I had to perform some file conversions that were diverse in nature (some CAD, some video and graphics to PDF). During the process, I found a neat website called that was a great help.

Much like websites that convert YouTube content to external files, the CoolUtilities site has a great assortment of online conversion tools that are free, along with more full-featured software tools that are inexpensive (in the range of $20).

I did my due diligence on the site and found it to be Norton Safe Web certified, and I couldn't find any negative user reviews of it. For my own work, I found the site to be extremely useful as well as safe, and I hope that if you're confronted with the need to convert multiple files on your projects, you'll benefit from it too.

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