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Imagenation 7.2

31 May, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

Spicer Corp.

5 stars out of 5
Highly RecommendedSpicer’s Imagenation 7.2 offers a high degree of functionality and a wealth of tools. Its extensive pull-down menu structure gives you access to the power of the application. You can toggle toolbars on and off for a less cluttered, customized appearance.

You can customize most individual tool settings in Imagenation 7.2, which proves extremely useful in getting the application to work the way you want or for creating a temporary solution to a specific problem.

Imagenation 7.2
Spicer’s Imagenation 7.2 offers high functionality and an extensive toolbox. The Format Preferences dialog box lets you set viewer format options—for example, background color and xref search path—for the application and supported file types for AutoCAD DWG files.
Though not quite the fastest viewer in this roundup, Imagenation 7.2 turned in a score speedy enough to bring it very close to the top in its class. It loaded campus.dwg in three seconds.

Imagenation 7 supports more than 200 file formats and is adding AutoCAD 2004 support this fall. Imagenation 7.2 views named views in drawings, although you need to make changes to your INI file.

Imagenation views CAD models extremely well. You can configure it to open a 3D file in model and 2D projection mode. When viewing models in 3D mode, you can rotate, measure, transform, cross-section, and apply 3D markups. You can simultaneously view 3D and 2D models and rasterize 3D models to 2D formats for distribution when the original model is not required.

The 3D Model Explorer displays a tree view of a CAD model’s parts. From it, you can select components of the model for measurements and transformations, and easily show and hide parts on the model by clicking on the check box next to a part in the Model Explorer. Highly Recommended.

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