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Genetica 3.0 Beta Now Available for Texture, Animation Editing

10 Sep, 2008

New version includes HDRI environment mapping, new lighting model, and more.

The software development firm Spiral Graphics announced today the public release of Genetica 3.0 Beta. According to the company, this latest version includes vector-drawing tools, editable visual styles that can be applied to designs, HDRI environment mapping, a new lighting model, new nodes and effects, and an expanded library of royalty-free texture presets.

Open beta testers can download the Studio edition, which allows users to create animated textures, transitions, and special effects. In addition, animations will automatically loop and be seamlessly repeatable.

Spiral Graphics, creator of software tools for the computer graphics community and the 3D industry, expects Genetica 3.0 to be released in early October for Windows 2000 and above. Early bird discounts apply to those who purchase Genetica 3.0 before the end of its open beta test. For more details visit the company's Web site.