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WiseVIEW v4.6

31 May, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

Samsung SDS

5 stars out of 5
Highly RecommendedSamsung SDS’s WiseVIEW v4.6 offers a relatively simple interface from which you can view more than 400 file formats, including common 2D and 3D CAD files. Especially noteworthy is support for 2D and 3D CATIA files, as well as a converter that changes CATIA 2D to DXF format.

WiseVIEW v4.6
Samsung SDS's WiseView v4.6 features an Eagle Eye window that shows the whole drawing in a small window. You select an area you want to view, and it is enlarged and shown in the main window.
WiseVIEW v4.6 receives high marks for functionality. For example, when you view a 3D shape in Shading or Rendering mode, you can make the shape partially transparent to see through the layers of a design into the core of the model. You can control the degree of transparency.

By selecting two point in the window, you can create staggered sectional views when reviewing 3D model data. These sectional 3D images can be stored in STL and DXF formats.

WiseVIEW’s well-implemented markup features help you electronically approve blueprints compiled on a PDM system. Reviewers can write questions and comments on the drawings and electronically sign their approval. A drawing comparison feature shows changes between drawings.

WiseVIEW v4.6 is easily the fastest application at viewing our benchmark test drawing, loading it in only 1.75 seconds. At $249 for the base 3D viewer, WiseVIEW is moderately priced. Samsung offers a portal-based viewing solution that includes WiseView DesignPort, Translation Server, and Collaboration Server for $40,000 for 25 concurrent users. Highly Recommended.

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