Bentley Reworks Geospatial Lineup

17 May, 2011 By: Cadalyst Staff

The new Bentley Map GIS platform for infrastructure applications offers three levels of functionality, united under one name.

With the recent release of Bentley Map V8i (SELECTseries 2), Bentley Systems has simplified its entire geospatial software family, replacing Bentley PowerMap Field, Bentley PowerMap, Bentley PowerDraft for Mapping, Bentley Cadastre, and Bentley CADscript. But customers still have a choice to make, as the new release is available in three editions: the light-duty Bentley Map PowerView, for editing and viewing spatial information; the professional-focused Bentley Map, for data analysis and management; and the industrial-strength Bentley Map Enterprise, an entirely new product which provides access to advanced image management, solids texturing, document conversion, and long transactions in Oracle Spatial without the need for a server license.

"This lineup replaces many of Bentley's previous desktop GIS products, and now we have one single product brand ... which is available in three editions to meet the needs of different users and different workflows," Richard Zambuni, Bentley's global marketing director for geospatial and utilities, explained during a media briefing.

"All three editions come in a standalone configuration; MicroStation is not a prerequisite for these products," noted Robert Mankowski, Bentley's vice-president of software development for civil and geospatial products. Bentley Map is built on MicroStation technology, so it's intrinsically 3D and users have access to MicroStation tools.

In addition to simplifying the range of Bentley's desktop GIS products, the new release bridges the chasm between 2D and 3D. "GIS is going 3D — an infrastructure GIS needs to be able to support 3D geospatial workflows with ease," Zambuni said. "Bentley Map can execute 3D analyses, from 3D cities to underground and aboveground utility infrastructure."

"Bentley Map is intrinsically 3D, but supports 2D modeling in the same environment," said Mankowski. "Since the same environment is used in both cases, no translation of data is required, and user training is minimized."

With a full API (application programming interface), the new release is also intended to aid third-party application developers. "We have further exposed the API and made it easier for people to access that API so that people can develop custom geospatial applications on top of Bentley Map," Zambuni said. "It is possible to write applications against all three tiers," Mankowski confirmed.

The company is also making data models available for use with Bentley Map, including a forthcoming CityGML-compliant model to support 3D city projects, and an already-released airport data model.

The new release also features:

  • Native support for multiple spatial data formats, including SHP, TAB, and GML
  • Map finishing tools that facilitate advanced text placements, color separations, and PDF deliverables
  • Advanced parcel management functionality, including cadastral mapping tools for editing and placement, and COGO Editor, which helps manage parcel fabric, simplify parcel creation, and enhance interoperability with survey data
  • Extended ability to work with the ProjectWise collaboration platform empowers multidisciplinary project teams to easily manage, find, share, and visualize geospatial and CAD content, other project data, and Microsoft Office documents. 


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