Autodesk Solution Aims to Help Local Government, Public Works

8 Aug, 2004

Autodesk introduced the Local Government/Public Works Solution, designed to help local governments and public works agencies create, manage, and share their CAD, GIS, and engineering information in a single environment. The system extends the user's ability to integrate data types and share the information across organizations -- from planning to design to operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

"Unlike competitive solutions that require costly, complex customizations that take years to implement, we are offering large and small enterprises a simple-to-use, affordable solution with an open environment that gets them up and running quickly, and continues to leverage their existing investments in all types of data," said Chris Bradshaw, vice president of Autodesk's Infrastructure Solutions Division. "Customers no longer have to create in a CAD or design area, export the data into a GIS system for management and then try, often unsuccessfully, to reimport it into the originating system."

The new system includes application modules such as sewer, water, cadastral, drainage, electricity, roads, and map books for infrastructure data capture and management. The modules are built on Autodesk Map, MapGuide, and Land Desktop software, allowing Autodesk users to expand on their current software investment. The open-standards system is integrated with an Oracle® database.