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17 Jul, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

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All Ages Explore GIS

Annual ESRI kids camp fosters curiosity

Every summer, while beachgoers prepare to bask under a clear blue sky, about 13,000 GIS professionals and their children storm the downtown Convention Center a short distance from the San Diego harbor. The invasion force is a battalion of ESRI users who have flown in from around the world for the ESRI International User Conference (scheduled for August 7-11 this year). Patty McGray, ESRI's lead instructional designer responsible for developing training materials and curriculums, describes the landing: "We pretty much take over the entire Convention Center, the Marriott and several other hotels around it."

As the children's parents head off to keynote sessions and classes, at this unique event the little troopers file into a ballroom marked "GIS Kids Camp." Usually McGray can spot a few familiar faces -- the same mischievous faces from a year or two ago. Some of them may have initially come here for the snack (included in the $25 signup fee), but once they get a taste of the treasure-hunting and puzzle-solving games they can play on digital maps, they may become converts -- "future GIS professionals," as McGray refers to them. Read More

Spatial Technologies: GIS in Resource Management

by James L. Sipes

The conservation and preservation of natural resources is a daunting task because the resource areas include tens or hundreds of thousands of acres, and the issues that need to be addressed are very complex. Resource managers need to understand the effects development will have on the lands they oversee. These effects may be obvious, such as urban sprawl, or more subtle, such as carbon dioxide from traffic traveling through or near an area. GIS is an ideal tool for natural resource management because the profession focuses primarily on the opportunities and constraints inherent in a landscape. Read More >>

Cadalyst'scomplete list of upcoming events is always available on our Web site. Cadalyst's sister publication, Geospatial Solutions, also offers a full calendar of GIS-related events.

V-STARS User Group Meeting
Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) 2006
July 18, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Geodetic Systems will host a V-STARS User Group meeting at the CMSC (Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference) 2006. Read more 

FME Asia Regional User Conference
August 8-10, 2006
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Participants in the FME Asia Regional User Conference will learn how to used FME to manage data format conversions, map coordinate system conversions, enterprise data integration, database loading, data quality assurance tests, batch conversions for automated processing and data exchange between CAD-based and GIS-based systems. Read more

Southern California CAD Summit
August 24, 2006
Long Beach, California
This event includes more than 25 CAD-related educational sessions geared toward professionals in the civil, mechanical and architectural design, building, engineering and geospatial industries. Read more

Map World Forum
January 22-25, 2007
Hyderabad, India
Map World Forum is designed to encourage various international professional societies focusing on different subdomains of geospatial community to discuss latest developments and its integration with other subdomains within the geospatial community and other related domains. Read more

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