GIS Tech News (#20)

14 Aug, 2006 By: Kenneth Wong

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Irreconcilable Spatial Differences

Boundless combines GIS, GPS and CAD to align isolated survey plats

Robert Jones, a registered land surveyor, and Aaron Ford, a GIS manager, had been on the road so much lately they were having a hard time reconciling all the different time zones. They had just returned to their office in Brookfield, Wisconsin, after presenting at the ESRI International User Conference in sunny San Diego, California, and hadn’t eased back into their normal rhythm. When Cadalyst contacted them for an interview, they agreed to a teleconference at 10 AM Pacific time, but they were preparing to call at 8 AM Central time -- a full four hours ahead of schedule. “When you travel this much, your brain flip-flops for a few days,” Ford admits.

On the other hand, this team has found a way to reconcile spatially isolated survey data -- data that’s collected in different projects and not necessarily referenced to the same coordinate systems and physical monuments. They’ve done it by combining GIS, the backbone of spatial databases, with CAD and GPS, the surveyors’ preferred tools. Ford points out that the pairing of a surveyor and a GIS manager for the presentation is itself a clue. It signals an alliance between two seemingly isolated disciplines. That unlikely synergy is at the heart of their system, called Boundless. Read More >>

Spatial Technologies: GIS at the Site Level

by James L. Sipes

Mapping is the visual representation of data by geography or location -- the linking of information to a specific place. In recent years GIS has become an invaluable tool in mapmaking, but it has been used primarily to show large areas such as cities or regions. That practice is changing, though, because the technology has developed to the point where it can be used effectively for making design and planning decisions at a variety of scales. Read More >>

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2006 International Highway Engineering Exchange Program (iHEEP)
September 10-14, 2006
Williamsburg , Virginia
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Pictometry FutureView 2006 User Conference and Trade Show
October 29-November 1, 2006
Orlando, Florida
Pictometry user conference features a curriculum that provides a learning and networking experience, highlighting solutions from Pictometry and its business partners. Read more

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