GIS Tech News (#30)

5 Feb, 2007 By: Andrew G. Roe,P.E.

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Virtual Construction

Avoid field problems using digital models

More and more construction teams are using virtual construction to identify potential field problems before they become reality. By using computer tools to build digitally before building physically, designers and builders can identify conflicts between piping, framing and other building components, plus identify scheduling and staging issues.

Virtual construction has been around in various forms for years, but recent software advances are making the practice more commonplace. Some of the early forays were in the 1970s, when nuclear power plant designers developed 3D models of facilities in various stages, introducing a fourth dimension: time. 4D CAD gained a foothold in various building projects in the late 1990s as PC-based CAD became more sophisticated and affordable. The transportation and infrastructure sector has been a bit slower to adopt virtual construction techniques, but that, too, may be changing, industry experts say. Read More >>

Spatial Tech: Animating Geospatial Data

By James L. Sipes

Animation is an illusion. You display a series of still images in rapid succession, and the illusion is that you have captured the dynamic nature of an object or scene. GIS professionals have long been interested in displaying dynamic changes that occur over time to geospatial information. One reason is to present information in a format that is exciting and easy to understand. Another is that animating geospatial information reveals patterns in the landscape that may be invisible when studying static images.Read more >>

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February 22, 2007
Seattle, Washington
This one-day learning and networking event is designed to recharge your career. Modeled after Autodesk University, course subjects range from AutoCAD to CAD Management to industry-specific tracks such as Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor. More than 15 different classes offered. Read more

UK CAD Managers Forum
March 7, 2007
London, UK
EatyourCAD will sponsor the second UK CAD Manager's Forum, which is an opportunity for CAD Managers, regardless of experience, to meet and exchange ideas, free from any software vendors or sales pitches. This forum will concentrate on compliance with CAD Standards and issuing drawings. Read more

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Trimble Introduces VX Spatial Station: Trimble has introduced the Trimble VX Spatial Station, a positioning system that combines optical, 3D scanning, and video capabilities -- Trimble VISION technology -- to measure objects in 3D to produce 2D and 3D data sets for spatial imaging projects.

Enumclaw Insurance Group Installs Rapid Responder Crisis Management System: Enumclaw Insurance Group has installed Rapid Responder to protect its main office and warehouse in Enumclaw, Washington. Rapid Responder is a crisis management system from Prepared Response, Inc.

EVC Releases E-Commerce and Data Management Solutions: East View Cartographic (EVC) has released two new solutions: MetaLog, for geospatial data management, and MetaLog Store, for geospatial data e-commerce. Each product is available as a turnkey system or hosted service from EVC. The solutions are designed to support geospatial information holdings and collections including satellite imagery, aerial photography, maps of all types, vector data, and publications such as books and atlases.