GIS Tech News (#36)

30 Apr, 2007 By: Andrew G. Roe,P.E.

One-Stop Shopping for Maps

A governmental consortium aims to provide access to integrated GIS information for all.

Anyone who has surfed the Internet for geospatial data knows what a circuitous route it can take.  You might find planimetric data on one Web site, topographic data on another, demographic data on another and so on. The challenge is often compounded when you try to combine data from multiple sources into a single map.

A governmental consortium seeking to simplify this process is stepping up efforts to expand the data available at a single Web site. The GOS (Geospatial One-Stop) project, launched nearly five years ago and managed by the United States Department of Interior, is now actively recruiting local governmental agencies to port their maps and other data to the GOS Web site, thus enabling users to access a wide variety of data at once, rather than jumping to multiple Web sites. 

The one-stop concept allows users to combine layers of data from multiple sources and build custom maps on the fly. While attractive to public and private agencies alike, the federally led project is only as valuable as the data it exposes, and much of that data resides on local government Web sites. The GOS is reaching out to local sources because "up to two-thirds of [geospatial] data is at the local level," said Robert Dollison, GOS project manager for the United States Geological Survey, one of 19 federal agency partners in GOS. Read more>>

Event Report: Location Intelligence Conference

By Kenneth Wong

In San Francisco, at the Web 2.0 Expo in Moscone West convention center, e-business enthusiasts mulled over the Google-DoubleClick merger, a deal that, in the view of some, gives the search engine giant too much power in online advertising. Several blocks away, at the Location Intelligence Conference in Parc 55 Hotel, another merger dominated the keynote sessions and hallway discussions: the unification of geospatial data and enterprise data. The move to combine backend business operations -- such as human resources, sales, accounting, warehousing and shipping -- with dynamic maps is under way, said many presenters. Some came right out and said the time has arrived to make money from this union -- and they can show you how. Read more>>

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Avatech's Autodesk 2008 Rollout Events
Various May Dates
Various U.S. Cities
Products from Autodesk allow professionals to explore ideas and experience designs virtually before construction or manufacturing begins. Avatech Solutions' experts will take attendees on a tour through the latest features that will affect the way they work and open up a world of innovation. Events are offered for architects, building design professionals, mechanical engineers, manufacturing design professionals and civil and survey engineers. Read more

MasterGraphics' Autodesk 2008 Product Solutions Seminars
Various May Dates
Various Midwestern Cities
MasterGraphics' Autodesk 2008 Product Solutions Seminars will provide design data specialists in the manufacturing, building and civil industries with in-depth exposure to the most current Autodesk software. The tutorials will provide users with the opportunity to see how the right combination of process innovations and software upgrades can make a dynamic, positive impact on every facet of design operations. Read more

ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit
June 16-19, 2007
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California
At the ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit, more than 400 surveyors, engineers and GIS professionals will gather to discover the latest developments in spatial technology and unearth new possibilities. Read more