GIS Tech News (#37)

14 May, 2007 By: Kenneth Wong

Beyond the Routing Algorithm

A brief look at the benefits and dilemmas of location-based tracking.

Twice a week a delivery truck loaded with bread trays would pull up to a certain warehouse. The driver would unload several trays, collect cash payment from someone at the site, and then drive away. Just an urban routine, nothing out of ordinary -- or so it seemed. In reality, the driver was committing a series of thefts. The stops he'd been making were unauthorized; he was delivering the breads to a competitor of the firm that had contracted the trucking company. And the stealing might have gone on interminably were it not for SecureTrakker, a Web-based tracking technology from Cubistix.

The Bread Crumb Trail
When SecureTrakker is being used to track a vehicle, any time that vehicle remains idle in any one place for two consecutive pings, or approximately 30 minutes, SecureTrakker logs it as a stop, explained Keith Armonaitis, president and CEO of Cubistix. "If the stop is approved, or authorized, it'll come up green. But if it's not an approved stop, it shows up in yellow," triggering an alert, he said.
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Spatial Tech -- 3D Photorealistic Modeling Using Geobrowsers

By James L. Sipes

When geobrowsers such as Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth and NASA's WorldWind were introduced, they provided a new, exciting way to view our world. They gave us a quick, efficient and easy-to-use interface for linking satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings and other geospatial information. Many professionals who work with geospatial data realized that these geobrowsers could be effective visualization tools for sharing information because anyone with an Internet connection could use them. Read more>>

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Webcast: Introduction to ArcGIS Image Server 9.2
May 24, 2007
9:00 and 11:00 a.m. PDT
Georeferenced imagery is an invaluable component of GIS applications, but it can be difficult to work with because it involves huge files and requires tremendous amounts of processing to get it into a usable form. This free online seminar by ESRI shows how ArcGIS Image Server 9.2 revolutionizes the way georeferenced imagery in a geographic information system is used on the Web or across local area networks. Read more

ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit
June 16-19, 2007
San Diego , California
At the ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit, more than 400 surveyors, engineers and GIS professionals will gather to discover the latest developments in spatial technology and unearth new possibilities. Read more