GIS Tech News (#66)

15 Sep, 2008

Hurricane Response Gets Help from GISp>

Maps and analysis provide accurate picture of events on the ground before, during, and after emergency.

Geographic information system (GIS) technology played a key role in assisting federal, state, and local agencies to prepare for and respond to Hurricane Gustav. Using ArcGIS software and Web GIS services from ESRI, agencies were able to more effectively prepare for the hurricane's impact. Officials viewed spatial and related tabular information to make assessments before Gustav made landfall. As the hurricane swept across Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, dynamic data updates helped accurately depict events as they unfolded.

"The objective of large-scale, complex emergency management is putting in place preparedness and prevention measures so that you minimize the impact of the event to people, communities, assets, and infrastructure," said Russ Johnson, public safety manager at ESRI. "For Gustav, GIS helped do that. People were able to understand exactly what was happening and what actions needed to be taken both before and after the hurricane made land. They were able to address and prioritize critical issues to save lives and start the recovery."

The Power of Hurricane Gustav
Gustav, which made landfall as a category 2 hurricane on Monday, September 1, was less potent than originally predicted but devastating nonetheless. Packed with winds exceeding 100 miles per hour, torrential rain, and the threat of tornadoes, Hurricane Gustav resulted in U.S. property damages estimated in the billions of dollars. Read more »    Cadalyst Labs Review:

Big Tools for Big Jobs — Wide-Format Scanners and Printers Make Small Work of Large Projects

By Ron LaFon

A significant number of original drawings, blueprints, and maps are at risk because they've never been transferred to a digital format. These paper documents represent a substantial amount of time, money, and resources — and protecting them could be vital to your organization. Scanning these wide-format originals into digital masters for long-term security is a top priority. At the same time, we face the reality that even in today's digital world, not all files are fully useful in digital format, and at times must be output to paper for information sharing, markup, or portability to the field. That's when you must call on a wide-format printer to produce paper documents at sizes far larger than a typical desktop printer can produce.

This Cadalyst Labs roundup surveys a variety of wide-format scanners and printers currently available and the factors to consider when purchasing these devices. We present here a broad array of high-quality, wide-format devices offering options that are greater than ever. Read more »

Mark Your Calendar: GIS Events

ArcGIS 9.3 Seminars: Improving an Entire GIS Workflow
Through November 13, 2008
Various U.S. Cities
These all-day seminars will allow GIS professionals and managers to get together and explore how ArcGIS 9.3 provides a comprehensive system that enhances an organization's operations Read more »

GITA 2008 GIS for Oil & Gas Conference
September 21-24, 2008
Houston, Texas
The world's largest gathering of oil and gas GIS professionals will include targeted educational sessions, a forum for best practices, a sold-out exhibit floor, networking events, and much more. Read more »

Webinar: Unlock the Potential of Your AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data
October 1, 2008
10 a.m. PDT
This Webinar for AutoCAD Map 3D users, presented by Safe Software, will include a series of demonstrations and customer examples that show how the software converts and integrates Map 3D object data. Read more »

Mapping for a Sustainable Future Workshops
October 6 - November 26, 2008
London and Birmingham, United Kingdom
Presented by Training4GIS, these one-day workshops will focus on how mapping can successfully be applied within sustainable planning and development. Three separate workshops will be offered: Carbon Mapping, 3D Mapping, and Flood Mapping. Read more »

Spatial 3D Insiders' Summit
October 13-14, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
The annual summit enables the Spatial user and prospect community to gain in-depth knowledge of Spatial components and have direct exchange with Spatial developers and executive management team. Read more »

Cadalyst's complete list of upcoming events is always available on our Web site. Our sister Web site,, also offers a full calendar of GIS-related events.