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17 Mar, 2009

AutoLISP: A Civil Designer's Helpmate p>

Use this powerful programming tool to query and label GIS object data, convert unusable points, and much more.

By Salvatore Napolitano

AutoLISP can assist civil designers in many ways. If you want to push your software beyond its limits, you should consider customized programming using AutoLISP. With AutoLISP, you can make unusable survey drawings workable in AutoCAD Civil 3D. You can extract elevation data from a plain AutoCAD profile. You can also query and label object data in plain AutoCAD. I've found AutoLISP to be invaluable for doing things that supposedly can't be done with out-of-the-box AutoCAD and Civil 3D.

Make Unusable Survey Drawings Workable in Civil 3D
Nothing is more frustrating than receiving hundreds of unusable points. You select points from a survey drawing for Civil 3D surface creation. At the select points prompt, Civil 3D will respond at the command line, "0 found"! The problem: The existing conditions plan has spot elevation points as custom blocks with attributes (case 1). The custom blocks are totally useless in Civil 3D. Without an existing surface, we can't do any of our proposed grading work.

I found AutoLISP to be a quick solution to this problem. The AutoLISP program I wrote prompts the user to select the blocks, and it will create AutoCAD points at the elevation given by the elevation attribute. Then one just needs to use Civil 3D to create Civil 3D points from the AutoCAD points. An alternate solution is to use attribute extraction to output elevation data as a text file. Then you simply import the point data from the text file to create Civil 3D points. Read more »

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Salvatore Napolitano, a civil designer for AECOM Water, uses Autodesk Civil software products on various water and wastewater projects worldwide. He is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, and has more than 18 years' experience in engineering using AutoCAD.    Email:


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