GIS Adopts NVIDIA CUDA Platform

19 Aug, 2008

Company reports that its GIS solutions now can complete calculations that previously took 20 minutes in 30 seconds. reported yesterday that the company has converted its GIS solutions to the NVIDIA CUDA platform. The purpose of the change was to enable users to access the parallel processing power of GPUs and interaction with the data at PCI Express bandwidth speeds. According to the company, calculations that previously took 20 minutes to complete are now done in 30 seconds with the CUDA configuration. Moreover, calculations that previously took 30 to 40 seconds are now real-time.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that NVIDIA CUDA technology could be the most revolutionary development in computing since the invention of the microprocessor," said Dimitri Rotow, product manager, "It's fast, inexpensive, and loaded with potential. NVIDIA CUDA is so important that all Manifold users should insist that the computer hardware they procure is CUDA-enabled."