GPUs and CPUs
CATalyst Crosses Finish Line   16 May, 2004

Wildcat graphics card drives the Kansas State University solar car racing team to the finish line.More>>

First Looks: Hot new graphics cards shine on dual AMD Opteron   30 Sep, 2003

This special First Look roundup spans the range of workstation graphics card performance, from entry level to top end.More>>

Choose the Right CPUs for CAD WorkstationsWhite Paper: Choose the Right CPUs for CAD Workstations
OEMs and CAD professionals alike are seeing an expanding variety of workstation-caliber CPU brands and configurations. A few simple guidelines from workstation expert Alex Herrera can help you narrow choices down quickly and outfit your next CAD machine with an optimal CPU for your workload. From the editors of Cadalyst. Download your copy.

Global GPU market’s growth blunted by COVID-19 in Q1’20   3 Jun, 2020

JPR's Market Watch report says PC GPU market shipments decreased -5.3% sequentially from last quarter but increased 14.9% year-to-year. The post...More>>

Fabulous Freebies for CAD Users - 2020 Edition