19" CT1904

31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

Cornea Systems

5 stars out of 5
Highly Recommended Surprises can be a welcome part of life, and that’s what the Cornea Systems CT1904 is—a very pleasant surprise. From the moment the monitor first powered up, the image it produced was striking. Gradations were outstanding—smooth transitions from white to black that showed none of the banding that is fairly typical of TFT displays. Color was near perfect.

I found no apparent bad pixels or interface flicker, though in lower resolution modes I noticed some very slight LCD display streaking.

Cornea Systems CT1904
The CT1904 190 flat-panel from Cornea Systems tops the charts in this roundup.
The smallest legible font size was about 6.7 points, so normal font display sizes should pose no problems.

The Cornea Systems CT1904 has a slightly narrower rated viewing angle compared with other displays here, but this made no difference in most situations I encountered in testing. This lightweight monitor is designed with ample room for connecting cables, even for those of us with somewhat beefy fingers.

The face plate of the CT1904 is a nondistracting matte silver. Display controls are located at the bottom center, except for the power switch, which is at the bottom right of the bezel.

The base is stable, but only tilts. There’s no swivel or portrait configuration. I would like to see a USB hub on the monitor. On the other hand, it’s one of only two monitors in this roundup that incorporates speakers. They are available as options on a couple of the other displays.

A well-made and engineered flat-panel monitor with a great price of $799, the Cornea Systems CT1904 earns a five-star rating for its high quality and excellent display. Highly Recommended.

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