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31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

AG Neovo

4 stars out of 5
AG Neovo S19
AG Neovo’s S19 190 flat-panel display sacrifices some convenience for a stylish look.
Although AG Neovo has been around since 1992, this is the first time it’s participated in Cadalyst’s monitor roundups. AG Neovo has several lines of monitor—the S19 model is from its S-Series.

The AG Neovo S19 190 monitor is quite attractive, though some aspects of its great style caused a few difficulties elsewhere. The cable connections leave little room to easily attach the cables, for example. The tilt base looks great, but the tilt base lock is difficult to access and very stiff—though it’s very solid once locked into place.

Likewise, the panel covering protecting the screen helps make the system attractive, but it smudges and shows fingerprints very easily.

The well-designed on-screen menu is easy to understand and navigate. The six control buttons on the right front bottom bezel are responsive and easy to use.

On the test bench, the AG Neovo S19 registered excellent color quality, with good yellows and greens (both difficult colors for LCD displays) as well as clean reds and blues. The black could use some improvement, as it tends to appear dark gray even with adjusted contrast and brightness. This problem is not pronounced enough to detract from the highest rating of 5 for color, although if you want a really black screen, it could be an issue.

I also found some slight corner softness, so made a small deduction from focus. Very slight flicker is noticeable at times, and on rare occasions, some LCD display streaking. Despite some apparent design compromises for style, the S19 image quality is quite good.

About the Author: Ron LaFon

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