19" SyncMaster 191T

31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

Samsung Electronics America

4 stars out of 5
Samsung SyncMaster 191T
The SyncMaster 191T from Samsung is an attractive and usable display.
Prior to this review, I took a prolonged look at the Samsung SyncMaster 191T when I used it exclusively for the workstation roundup in last month’s issue of Cadalyst (p. 22). At $1,059, the SyncMaster 191T is the most expensive 19" flat-panel display in this review.

The 191T has a remarkably thin 1" panel. The bezel consists of a thin matte silver metal band that lets you hang the panels closely together for large multimedia displays. Obvious yet inconspicuous display control buttons located at the bottom center of the lower bezel are responsive and easy to use.

The stand on the Samsung SyncMaster 191T is stable, and a VESA wall mount is available as an option. At 13lb, the 191T qualifies as a lightweight monitor, but it’s not at all flimsy. Cables attach vertically on the back of the 191T’s panel.

When I ran the SyncMaster 191T through its paces on the test bench, scores were excellent for brightness, contrast, focus, geometric distortion, and raster rotation. I deducted a quarter-point for color purity because reds were too orange. I noted no bad pixels, though slight interface flicker and LCD display streaking appeared in lower resolution modes.

After working with this monitor for a variety of testing, I can attest that no flicker or display streaking was apparent at any time in the higher resolutions and color depths typically used in CAD/CAM environments. The Samsung SyncMaster 191T is an attractive and very usable display.

About the Author: Ron LaFon

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