19" VX900

31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon


4.5 stars out of 5
ViewSonic VX900
The price for the ViewSonic VX900 19" flat-panel monitor is one of the lowest in this roundup.
The ViewSonic VX900 is a 19" flat-panel display housed in an attractive matte silver and black case with seven display-control buttons at the bottom center of the bezel. Display controls were responsive and easy to use, particularly in combination with the easy-to-navigate on-screen menu. The VX900 has a stable, tilt-only base, and generally seems a much better display than the VG191 tested in the last roundup.

Though it has no USB hub, the ViewSonic VX900 was one of only two systems in this roundup that comes with integrated speakers—two 3-watt speakers, in this instance. It’s also the only monitor to include an extra, European-style power connector in the box.

On the test bench, the VX900 achieved perfect scores for brightness, contrast, focus, geometric distortion, and raster rotation. Only a quarter-point deduction for color purity prevented perfect scores throughout. The reds were slightly orange, and blues were overbright, making it difficult to distinguish separations on blue objects. I also noted some distinct banding in gradients that should have been smooth. The monitor showed no evidence of bad pixels, interface flicker, or LCD streaking. Smallest legible point size was about 6.7 points.

The ViewSonic V900 incorporates a Kensington security port so you can add an optional anti-theft cable. Another available accessing is a video processor (TV Tuner Module) that lets you turn your display into a high-resolution TV or hook it up to your gaming console or digital camera.

The ViewSonic VX900’s $799 price is one of the lowest in this roundup.

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