20.1" TFT2025

31 Mar, 2003 By: Ron LaFon


4 stars out of 5
Hewlett-Packard TFT2025
Hewlett-Packard’s 20.1" TFT 2025 is a solid, attractive monitor.
At 26.4lb, the Hewlett-Packard TFT2025 is, by a slight margin, the heaviest display tested here. Although the base seemed small for the monitor’s size, it proved to be stable. Some instability occurred with the base extended and the display in portrait mode, but this was slight and more a result of how the display attaches to the stand than a defect in the stand.

On the test bench, the Hewlett-Packard TFT2025 received excellent scores for brightness, focus, purity, geometric distortion, and raster rotation. I found no bad pixels, interface flicker, or LCD display streaking. I deducted a half-point for contrast based on a persistent and significant unevenness across the field of the display, the cause of which proved elusive.

The Hewlett-Packard TFT2025 is an attractive monitor with a silver bezel and a dark charcoal-gray case. Display controls consist of eight buttons on the lower front bezel of the case, accompanied by a power switch with an LED power indicator. Controls are responsive and easily accessible.

Stereo speakers are available as an option, and the monitor has no USB hub. The estimated street price of $1,399 falls in the midrange of pricing for flat-panel displays of its size.

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