28 Feb, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

BOXX Technologies

4.5 stars out of 5
The 3D BOXX H2 from BOXX Technologies offers good test results for a fair price.
New to reviews in Cadalyst, BOXX Technologies sent its H2, a very quiet system housed in a lightweight, attractive silver and black case. The BOXX logo is cut from the front of the metal housing for the minitower. While simple, this, along with other evidence of attention to detail, gives the system an elegant appearance. The case is only 170 3 70 3 17.50 (h3w3d), making it one of the smallest systems we tested. The H2 is also available configured for rack mounting.

The H line of systems from BOXX features single AMD Athlon XP processors and the NVIDIA Nforce2 chipset, which currently offers a front-side bus speed of 333MHz. Through the test system was equipped with 1GB of dual-channel 400MHz DDR-RAM, the H2 holds as much as 3GB when fully loaded. The test system was configured with an AMD Athlon XP27001 CPU and an AGP 8X graphics card slot. Much of the cost of the BOXX H2 system is attributable to the NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL graphics card, but one look at the test scores shows that this was a well-chosen component.

Those of you with many peripherals will welcome the six USB 2 ports, two of which are on the front of the system for easy access. The system incorporates two Firewire IEEE 1394 ports and an onboard 10/100 Ethernet adapter.

Despite its small size, the BOXX H2 offers room for expansion with four 3.50 internal drive bays and three exposed 3.50 bays. A 400W Sparkle Power power supply is also evidence of an expansion-friendly workstation. Other system components include the excellent NMB keyboard, which both looks good and has a great tactile feel, and the Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse.

There’s much to like about the BOXX H2 system.

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