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Contex Announces New Wide-Format Scanners, MFPs

28 Sep, 2012 By: Nancy Spurling Johnson

It's been an eventful week in the wide-format imaging market. On Monday, HP introduced entry-level options for its line of web-connected, wide-format ePrinters. Yesterday we reported on Epson's impending entry into the CAD market, and today Contex announced a brand-new wide-format scanner as well as new and improved multifunction devices.

Today's Contex press release reads as follows:

Alleroed, Denmark -- September 28, 2012 -- Contex A/S, the world's leading developer of wide format scanning and imaging solutions, today announces several new wide format scanning solutions: the all-new IQ scanner series, MFP2GO, and MFP Repro. The IQ scanner series is the most advanced in CIS technology and boasts a number of features that produce exquisite image quality for 24- and 44-inch wide technical documents, maps, and drawings. Enhancing the users' scanning workflow, Contex's new MFP2GO lets customers turn their HP or Canon wide format printer into a copier, without the need for a PC. Additionally, Contex updated MFP Repro, a full-featured, copy and scan solution that is ideal for in-house production or Repro use. Contex's new wide format scanning solutions are available immediately; demonstrations are available through local distributors and resellers.

"Contex delivers the most advanced range of scanning and MFP solutions to help our customers succeed in their businesses," comments Jacob Bendix, Head of International Marketing, Contex A/S. "Our R&D is continuously developing solutions that keep our customers one step ahead of the competition."

Smart and Slim IQ Scanner Series
Just under 2 feet wide, sleek, and lightweight, the IQ scanner is built for high-volume daily use. Its dual diffusion provides the most natural light in any CIS scanner. The IQ scanner is equipped with valuable mapping features such as Adobe RGB, which enables colors to stand out. Unprecedented image quality is also obtained with Contex's patented color-fringe removal (CFR) and 1200 dpi optical resolution. Gigabit network is standard in all IQ models, supporting transfer speeds up to 80 MB/second. These network-enabled scanners provide one-touch buttons that allow users to scan directly to a desired location. Contex's All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) and magnetic document guides provide support for documents of unlimited lengths.


With the newly added IQ scanner series, Contex now offers 14 wide-format scanning
solutions within the SD, IQ, and HD ranges.

Collaborate with MFP2GO
The powerful new MFP2GO is a user-friendly scanning and single printer copy system. Ideal for an office environment, MFP2GO is an easy, plug-and-play solution for users to scan, share, and copy changes to plans and drawings. The MFP2GO bundle includes a Contex HD, IQ, or SD scanner; high-stand; and a 10-inch touchscreen MFP2GO controller. The controller allows users to scan and share images via email, copy, LAN, FTP, and USB. The USB port can connect to an iPad or any device that will import images as it would from a digital camera.

Turn Any Printer into a Copier with MFP Repro
Contex's MFP Repro is a full-featured, copy and scan solution that can turn any large-format printer into a full-featured copy solution. Ideal for in-house production or repro use, the newly enhanced MFP Repro now features multi-page document support, full scanning options including file naming templates, as well as unlimited printer support. The Contex MFP Repro bundle includes a scanner, intuitive Nextimage Repro software, and a high stand.

For more information about these new products, visit the Contex web site.

If your workflow still involves printing, copying, or archiving large-format drawings, images, or maps and you're not taking a serious look at the latest wide-format imaging technology, you're missing the opportunity to significantly improve the quality and speed of your imaging work as well as the efficiency of your collaborative design efforts.

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