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HP Unveils New Hardware Offerings That Prioritize Power

15 Apr, 2015 By: Robert Green

Whereas some hardware vendors have opted to focus on budget-friendly products, HP continues to take the high-end road with its forthcoming workstations, components, and peripherals.

HP DreamColor Z32x Display

With broadcasting applications moving toward the new 4K video standard (3,840 x 2,160 resolution), it is only logical that HP would update its DreamColor series of monitors to include the Z32x display. While 4K resolution may seem like overkill for CAD users today, more and more of us will be required to produce high-resolution images for video presentations in the near future. You may be working with 4K sooner than you think!

The HP DreamColor Z32x display boasts full 10-bit color calibrated for sRGB, BT.709 and Adobe RGB coverage right out of the box. A fully adjustable ergonomic base and fast charging USB 3.0 interface for cameras, portable drives, or other peripherals along with HDMI and DisplayPort connections and 3-year warranty are included. Pricing and delivery information were unavailable at press time.

The DreamColor Z32x Display is a full 4K video at 10-bit color depth in a 32" (diagonal) form factor. Image courtesy of HP.

HP Ultra-Narrow Bezel Displays

Using multiple monitors is common in CAD environments, but achieving a truly borderless, “single monitor” feel is not — the border around the monitor’s active area, known as the bezel, creates a visual interruption. HP’s Ultra-Narrow Bezel monitors strive to create a visualization experience that feels as much like a single screen as possible. At just 0.25" to 0.3" wide (depending on the model), the monitor bezel is almost unnoticeable — particularly when multiple monitors are viewed as a single desktop or are displaying wide images.

Depending on the model (Z24n, Z24nf, Z24nq, Z25n, Z27n), the monitor covers a diagonal range of 24" to 27" with resolutions ranging from HD (1,920 x 1,080) to 2,560 x 1,440. All monitors include a variety of audio/video and USB connection ports –— including a DisplayPort output to support daisy-chaining from a single workstation — along with an ergonomically adjustable base and a 3-year warranty. Pricing and delivery information were unavailable at press time.

HP's Ultra-Narrow Bezel displays provide HD and higher-resolution displays with nearly invisible bezels. Image courtesy of HP.

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