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HP Unveils New Hardware Offerings That Prioritize Power

15 Apr, 2015 By: Robert Green

Whereas some hardware vendors have opted to focus on budget-friendly products, HP continues to take the high-end road with its forthcoming workstations, components, and peripherals.

HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer

Far from Las Vegas, the Atlanta-based HP Printing division was busy introducing its new high-volume PageWide XL 8000 inkjet technology printer. Clearly meant to compete with other high-volume laser/LED technologies, the new HP XL 8000 produces as many as 30 A1/D size prints per minute in black-and-white or color while supporting multiple types of paper. “Our large-format printing customers are continually exploring ways to improve productivity, streamline workflow, and reduce costs,” said Stephen Nigro, senior vice-president, Imaging and Printing, HP.

The PageWide XL 8000 is a truly reprographic-scale machine for high-volume workflows. Image courtesy of HP.

This model features reprographic-friendly functionalities such as automatic PDF file handling, room for as many as six media rolls, and support for both coated and uncoated bond stock, poster stock, and polypro to accommodate all manner of print jobs from marketing materials to CAD plots. Workflow maximization is supported by hot-swappable ink cartridges and a variety of downstream finishing accessories, including stackers and folders to automate otherwise tedious manual tasks.

With a wide variety of high-volume accessories, the PageWide XL 8000 can compete with other workhorse LED plotters. Image courtesy of HP.

Pricing information was unavailable at the product announcement, but was promised to be “highly competitive” and most likely offered in tandem with service from an HP reprographic dealer. The delivery timeframe was forecast as September 2015.

Summing Up

Rather than scaling back, stripping down, and lowering expectations, HP has instead chosen to emphasize high-performance data processing, high-resolution graphics, and high–production volume printing in its recent product announcements. There is no meekness evident in these new offerings, and no apologies made for producing high-performance products that will find themselves on the desktops of video producers, engineering analysts, and discerning CAD users.

It is clear that HP is paying attention to the power users who need tools that can keep pace with their production and data needs. The fact that HP has presented this much new technology this early in the year makes it all the more interesting to speculate on what the company may be planning for its next round of desktop workstation updates.

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