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Samsung SyncMaster 1100pPlus

30 Apr, 2000 By: Art Liddle,Ron LaFon

21" Monitors Reviewed

SyncMaster 1100pPlus
Star rating: 5 stars out of 5

At $899 ESP, the Samsung SyncMaster 1100pPlus is one of the lowest priced monitors in this review and, at 57.6lb, it is the lightest. While it might be a lightweight as far as weight is concerned, the 1100pPlus proved to be anything but when it comes to performance.

The SyncMaster 1100pPlus is an attractively designed monitor that has a 20" viewing area on its Invar shadow-mask CRT. Dot pitch is a moderately fine 0.25mm. Horizontal scanning frequencies are 30–115KHz, with vertical scanning frequencies falling in the 50–160Hz range. The dot clock pixel frequency is 280MHz, allowing a maximum of 1800X1440 at a 75Hz refresh rate. The SyncMaster 1100pPlus is compatible with Macintosh and PC systems and has both BNC and standard mini D-sub connectors. It offers a standard three-year warranty with first-year on-site replacement.

An innovative and well-designed "pull-out" button drawer provides buttons that access and control the on-screen menu through a full complement of adjustments. You access brightness and contrast via knobs on the bottom right side of the monitor's bezel. The SyncMaster 1100pPlus performed well on the CADALYST test bench, producing perfect scores on brightness, purity, and geometric distortion. All other tested features were well above average, including contrast, focus, and raster rotation.

Although the Samsung SyncMaster 1100pPlus doesn't offer the higher resolution and refresh rates of more expensive monitors reviewed, its quality of display and very reasonable price make it a solid choice. Highly Recommended. — R.L.

About the Author: Art Liddle

About the Author: Ron LaFon

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