First Look: Samsung SyncMaster 243T

30 Sep, 2004 By: Ron LaFon Cadalyst

24" LCD monitor

Samsung recently introduced the SyncMaster 243T, a 24" LCD monitor ideal for applications such as CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, and content creation. In addition to the sizable screen area, the display offers dual analog and digital inputs and pivot technology that allows portrait and landscape views. The unit features a silver-colored housing, an ultra-narrow bezel, and a built-in swivel base that is height adjustable. All this makes the SyncMaster 243T a very attractive display. The 243T can be mounted on a wall (VESA 100mm wall mounting is optional) and is also available with a black housing.

Samsung SyncMaster 243T
Samsung SyncMaster 243T

The SyncMaster 243T monitor's a-Si (amorphous silicon) TFT/PVA screen provides a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a dot pitch of 0.27mm horizontally and vertically. Bandwidth is 165MHz, and viewing angle is 170° both horizontally and vertically. The SyncMaster 243T uses an average of 75W. It measures 23.1" X 20.2" X 9.7" (wXhXd) and weighs a relatively trim 21lb. The display is compatible with PC, Macintosh, and Sun Microsystem display standards.

The SyncMaster 243T is a new 24" LCD monitor from Samsung that pivots for portrait and landscape orientation.
The SyncMaster 243T is a new 24" LCD monitor from Samsung that pivots for portrait and landscape orientation.

Capable of resolutions as high as 1920X1200, the SyncMaster 243T is covered by a three-year parts and labor warranty and 24/7 toll-free technical support. Samsung also offers a three-year Advanced Replacement Program, a three-year Repair & Return or Exchange, and a three-year Shuttle Exchange for hassle-free repairs, should the display need it. Estimated street price for the Samsung SyncMaster 243T is $2,149.

The 243T is a wide-aspect-ratio monitor (16:10), with a scanning frequency range of 30-81kHz horizontally (digital and analog) and 56-75Hz vertically. Monitor response time is a relatively slow 25ms, so if you do lots of wire frame rotations of models, be prepared for some display lag. The wide aspect ratio might create some distortion with certain CAD/CAM applications unless you adjust the resolution and aspect ratio.

Using the DVI (digital video interface) connector ensures optical image quality without end-user adjustments, even when randomly changing resolutions. When the analog input is used, the SyncMaster 243T offers an easy-access, one-button automatic calibration system for greater control over the on-screen image. This allows quick proportioning of screen geometry, contrast, brightness, and clock phase.

On the test bench, the SyncMaster 243T performed well, with good color, geometry, brightness, and contrast. Though the published viewing angle is relatively wide, the antiglare coating could use some improvement.

The Samsung SyncMaster 243T incorporates six buttons on the bottom of the front bezel, accompanied by a small LED power indicator. These buttons include Auto (for automatic sizing), Exit/Source, +/- (for controlling the menu system), menu, and a power toggle. The on-screen menu system is straightforward and fairly easy to use.

I noted a moderate amount of wiggle in the panel in both modes, but particularly when the 243T was in portrait mode. The LCD panel is large, so a pivot mount will almost certainly suffer from some instability. I recommend positioning the 243T where vibrations from its environment are dampened. My office has a hardwood floor, and vibrations from someone walking, for example, were easily transmitted to the LCD panel.

The SyncMaster 243T comes with Pivot Pro rotation software and a driver CD-ROM, as well as both digital and analog cables. The 243T is attractive and impressive, but a few bugs still need to be worked out.

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