Klein Gauge

30 Apr, 2000 By: Art Liddle,Ron LaFon

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A Klein gauge is a sensitive and expensive ($1,000) instrument for measuring misalignment of the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) that create images on a monitor's CRT. In particular, it measures how far the red and green "dots" are misaligned from the blue "dots" in a thin white line. Ideally, all three colors should line up on the face of the CRT to produce a pristine white line. The Klein Gauge chart attempts to graphically indicate the measured misalignment of our test monitors. We checked the alignment of red and green for vertical and horizontal lines at five places on the screen: top left, bottom left, center, bottom right, and top right. This gave us the 20 measurements for each monitor shown in the chart. We also converted the results to a single test score shown in the features table where 5.0 is a perfect score—no measured misalignment greater than 0.05mm. — A.L.



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