Mitsubishi DP2070SB

31 Aug, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

Nec-Mitsubishi Electronic Display of America

4.5 stars out of 5
The Mitsubishi DP2070SB is based on a Diamond Pro 2070SB aperture-grille CRT, a 22" display that delivers a 20" viewable area in a flat-black housing. Maximum resolution is 2048×1536@86Hz with a dot pitch of 0.24mm. The monitor offers two D-sub connectors and a
Mitsubishi DP2070SB
The NEC-Mitsubishi DP2070SB offers a fantastic maximum resolution of 2048×1536 at 86Hz refresh rate. It’s the only monitor here to directly incorporate USB.
USB socket—it’s the only display in this roundup to directly incorporate USB.

The Mitsubishi DP2070SB achieved near-perfect scores on the quality portion of the evaluation, with only a quarter-point deduction for color purity. As did several other displays based on this CRT technology, the monitor had problems with weak reds. The array of available adjustments is extensive, including both vertical and horizontal convergence adjustments, linearity, corner correction, global sync, and hot-key control.

The on-screen menu is not among the best. Fortunately, you can download Mitsubishi’s NaViSet software, which lets you use a mouse to make the adjustments found on the menu. This should prove particularly useful because the seven control buttons on the bezel of the display (both input and power on/off toggles) are hard to see, especially if you’re not in a brightly lit room. We do note that the on-screen menu includes settings for both color adjustment and color temperature presets.

As a sign of how relatively small things can have a large effect, the DP2070SB rated slightly higher than the ViewSonic display in the test of display quality, and was only somewhat less expensive than the IBM monitor. With our evaluations weighted most heavily toward image quality (a factor of 63) and price (a factor of 43), these small deductions can compound into significant numbers when tabulating the final results for a display. This is just what happened to the Mitsubishi DP2070SB display. Pricing hurt the score of the DP2070SB more than the quality of the monitor.

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