Stylus Pro 10600

30 Apr, 2003 By: Michael Lennox


5 stars out of 5
Highly RecommendedEpson's history as a printing technology pioneer is well known. The 10600 is the top model in the EPSON Stylus Pro large-format printer line. It accommodates 440 media and is the only printer reviewed that can hold two rolls of media at the same time.

With a maximum resolution of 14403720dpi and an impressive five-picoliter droplet size, the Stylus Pro 10600 produces crisp line drawings and superbly detailed photographic images. Image clarity is enhanced by excellent color reproduction that uses a six-color

Epson Stylus Pro 10600
Epson’s wide-format Stylus Pro 10600 earned a Highly Recommended rating with its unique features, speed, and print quality.
process. When you purchase the EPSON Stylus Pro 10600, you choose between Epson's UltraChrome Inks, archival inks, and dye-based inks. You can replace ink cartridges on the fly. When you use UltraChrome Inks, different types of black ink can optimize the black ink density for the media type.

In testing, the Stylus Pro 10600 printed a D-size drawing in just more than 2 minutes at the highest quality. The photographic image printed in 3 minutes, 15 seconds, and the resulting print was among the finest in the review. Epson's Photo Accelerator Technology helps you achieve the best performance when printing RGB-based files from any computer system. You can get even better results through the optional EFI Fiery Spark PostScript RIP Server software. The Stylus Pro 10600 is versatile not only in printing capabilities, but also in connection options. It comes standard with USB, parallel, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, and two FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports. USB or FireWire generally provides the best results. You can share the Stylus Pro 10600 via a host computer on your network.

The Stylus Pro 10600 combines unique features, speed, and print quality for printing line drawings, renderings, and photographic images. No matter your application, you should seriously consider it when shopping for a large-format printer. Highly Recommended.

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