SuperWIDE 8050

30 Jun, 2001 By: Michael Lennox

The IDEAL SuperWIDE 8050 system includes a Contex Magnum 8050 scanner that you can use with Contex WIDEimage software or IDEAL's ScanOS.
5 stars out of 5

IDEAL is one of the largest distributors of Contex scanners. The IDEAL SuperWIDE 8050 system ($29,500) includes a Contex Magnum 8050 scanner that you can use with Contex WIDEimage software or IDEAL's ScanOS to scan and copy documents. IDEAL also offers other software: ScanDEX for scanning, indexing, and archiving converted paper documents, and Coala 2, a production-scale large-format color copying system.

ScanOS lets you work in different work stations: a scan station, a copy station, a prescan station, and an archive station. Each one provides functionality that simplifies the scan, copy, and archive process.

The SuperWIDE 8050 scans image areas up to 50" and accepts documents up to 51.5" wide. The SuperWIDE 8050 performed well with the test scan, capturing a D-size, 24-bit scan at 400dpi in 1 minute, 31 seconds. Image quality is enhanced through real-time hardware-based filters and color feature extraction. Support for area diffusion logic further enhances the detail of documents that contain mixed photographic and line-art elements. Capturing color at 36 bits provides superior precision, and color fidelity is achieved through the use of industry-standard ICC profiles and closed-loop calibration.

What differentiates the IDEAL SuperWIDE scanning system from the others is the ScanOS software. ScanOS provides a single field index, easy-to-use tool to scan, copy, and archive documents. ScanOS supports all IDEAL scanners as well as all TWAIN-compatible scanners. Its copy feature supports all Windows printers. In addition, ScanOS directly supports Xerox 8825/8830 and Océ 9400 printers, increasing the output speed of these devices. Within the ScanOS archive, you can search for previous scans and copies or manage multiple-page documents. The ODBC-compliant ScanOS database is upgradable to the ScanDEX Database for digital archiving. You can log images and associated information into a searchable database and provide network and online access to your document archives. Highly Recommended.

About the Author: Michael Lennox

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