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HP Adds More Wide-Format Printer Offerings to Designjet Lineup

5 Jun, 2013 By: Cyrena Respini-Irwin

Incorporating customer suggestions for improvements, the new 36-inch T920 and T1500 feature front-loading media rolls and a collating output tray.

During a webinar held yesterday, "Designed by Demand: Large-Format Printing Solutions for Design and Architecture, Engineering and Construction Professionals," HP unveiled two new web-connected printers. The HP Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinters produce 36-inch-wide prints and measure 55.1" x 27.3" x 37.4". According to HP, the new models deliver the fastest speeds available on the market, producing an A1/D-size print in as little as 21 seconds.

The T920 and T1500 feature an integrated output stacking tray, which collates as many as 50 sheets of A4- to A0-size media. The prints are stored flat, in contrast to a traditional collection basket that allows prints to curl up as they drop in.

The top of each printer incorporates a flat surface for checking prints, and visual access to the print area enables users to monitor print progress. The media rolls are aligned automatically and are positioned at the front of the machine, allowing users to place the printers close to walls and load media from the front, even while seated.

A 4.3" full-color touchscreen enables users to manage job queues and view print previews. Like HP's existing Designjet ePrinters, the T920 and T1500 interface with the free ePrint & Share web service. Users can access and print documents using a mobile device or printer touchscreen, save copies to the cloud when printing, and e-mail projects to print.

The HP Designjet T920 (right) and T1500 (left) ePrinters feature output-collating stacking trays and 4.3" color touchscreens. Image courtesy of HP.

Both models are suitable for AEC, GIS, and MCAD applications; the difference is one of scale. The Designjet T920, which has 32 GB of virtual memory, is intended for teams in small design studios. The Designjet T1500, in contrast, is marketed toward medium-sized businesses and enterprises with high-volume printing needs. It uses a parallel processor with a 320-GB hard drive to print multiple files simultaneously. T1500 users can track print costs, a useful feature for assigning cost to particular departments or billing by the job, explained Ramon Pastor, vice-president and general manager, Large-Format Printing. The T1500 also incorporates two media rolls instead of one. "[Having two rolls] reduces the downtime, and enables more versatile use of the printer," said Pastor.

Refinements Based on Research

Pastor told webinar attendees that HP's printer development is guided by researching market trends and customer needs. He explained that trends affecting HP's customers include:

  • Mobility. "Mobility is a trend that has been going on for some time ... [but] mobility is really accelerating, so our custmers spend more and more time outside their design studios, at the construction site, selling the design to their customers."
  • Collaboration. "Our customers collaborate more and more between different geographies, between different companies."
  • Complexity. Increasing complexity comes from the adoption of new tools — including 3D modeling tools and building information modeling — and new materials.
  • Competition. With fewer jobs and tighter deadlines, "the economic crisis has had a big impact on our customers and their environment."

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Re: HP Adds More Wide-Format Printer Offerings to Desi...
by: lizzy
July 5, 2013 - 12:22pm
Honestly speaking, I have never seen a printer like this before...It looks good and seems like its features are good too...I had a small printer that did not quite fit on my work desk..Then I brought home a more functional work desk and now I am happy ...Wish to know if a printer like this fit on a desk like the first one in this link? or should my desk be bigger for it?
Re: HP Adds More Wide-Format Printer Offerings to Desi...
by: cirwin
July 22, 2013 - 3:15am
Hello Lizzy: These printers measure 55.1" x 27.3" x 37.4" -- they're probably better suited to a stand than a desktop.
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