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HP Designjet T120

1 Dec, 2013 By: R.K. McSwain

First Look Review: Compact 24” printer is just the right size for small offices that are short on space.


Highly RecommendedHP's web-connected Designjet T120 is geared toward the entry-level market, from the single user to the small office, and is capable of producing D-size sheets. It is compact enough to sit on a desktop, but is available with a stand for a more conventional installation. The Designjet T120 produces very high-quality prints — but takes its time in doing so. Also, sound-sensitive users will want to look elsewhere, as the T120 can be quite noisy while printing.


Without the stand, the T120 measures roughly 39" wide x 12" tall x 21" deep; the optional stand and catch bin bring the height of the unit to about 36". The unit weighs less than 60 lbs, so a single person can move it easily.

The printer supports 2"-core roll media as wide as 24" and sheets as wide as 13". The roll media is easy to load, and the built-in sheet tray operates in a fashion similar to the bypass tray on your office printer or copier. Even though the roll media sits at the rear of the printer, the minimal depth of this unit means you do not have to move it away from the wall to change media.

The HP Designjet T120 supports roll media as well as sheets.
The HP Designjet T120 supports roll media as well as sheets.

Making changes to the printer settings and checking ink levels and connectivity status could not be much easier. The software behind the 4.3-inch" color touchscreen is intuitive, and the screen itself can be pivoted up from its flat position on top of the printer for easier viewing. As with all Designjet printers of recent years, the T120 has an embedded web server that lets user check the status of the printer and supplies as well as view and change printer settings.

The Designjet T120 also features 256 MB of onboard memory, but no hard drive for storing jobs meaning that to reprint an item, you will have to send it again from the application.

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