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HP Expands Web-Connected, Large-Format Printing Lineup with Entry-Level Machines

27 Sep, 2012 By: Cadalyst Staff

HP unveiled web-connected, entry-level printing solutions for AEC students and professionals this week, with the goal of making in-house, large-format printing accessible to more users. The new offerings include:

  • The compact, 24-inch HP Designjet T120 ePrinter series, targeted toward students and freelancers — users who are often first-time wide-format printer purchasers.
  • The 24- and 36-inch HP Designjet T520 ePrinter series, designed for small AEC teams.

The HP Designjet T120 and T520 ePrinters are available with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can install the printer where it is most convenient. They also support the newly announced second generation of HP Designjet ePrint & Share, a free web service that enables users to access and print large-format documents using an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, a laptop, or an ePrinter touch screen.

HP's newest web-enabled printers include the compact Designjet T120 (lower right) and the Designjet T520 series, available in 24-inch and 36-inch models.

According to Emre Ozguc, worldwide marketing director for HP's Large-Format Design Business, the new ePrinters reflect two "megatrends" affecting the AEC field. First off, the economic collapse of the construction market has changed the organizational structure for many professionals. "A lot of architecture and design firms have had to downsize or go out of business altogether," he said — a trend that has resulted in more freelancers and small offices in the industry, as well as more competition for projects.

The second megatrend Ozguc cited is the spread of mobile technologies. "[There has been a] big shift from 'print and distribute' to 'distribute and print' ... today, the distribution is done electronically, and the expectation is that the subcontractors do the printing themselves." Ozguc also cited a statistic that AEC professionals spend more than half their time on the road — at construction sites or client offices, for example — and therefore need web-enabled access to files and printing options.

Designjet T120 ePrinter

The smallest printer in its class, with a footprint of 38.9 inches (987 mm), the HP Designjet T120 ePrinter offers both a built-in B+/A3 tray and front-loading roll, producing letter- to D-size prints. The printer’s full-color touch screen can simplify in-house printing and navigation for those new to large-format printing. HP inks produce output with lines reaching 0.0016-inch (0.04-mm) minimum line width.

Designjet T520 ePrinter

Available in 24- or 36-inch models, the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter improves processing power and offers twice the speed and resolution of its predecessor. With 1 GB of RAM and HP-GL/2 technology, the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter operates at up to 35 seconds per D/A1 print. Original HP inks and long-life printheads achieve lines reaching 0.0008-inch (0.02-mm) minimum line width and up to 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution.

Designjet ePrint & Share

Available through a desktop web browser, mobile application, or the touch screen of web-connected HP Designjet printers, the latest version of HP Designjet ePrint & Share offers:

  • The ability to e-mail projects to an HP Designjet ePrinter for printing. Users simply attach a PDF or other print-ready file to an e-mail, then send it to the ePrinter’s dedicated address.
  • Automatic, secure online print history through the new HP Designjet driver. With the online print history, users have access to their latest drawings and the ability to zoom in and reprint an exact copy with a few clicks.
  • File sharing using an automatically generated hyperlink for one-click access to any file in the print history.
  • Access to all FTP sites in one place. Users can access multiple FTP sites in one interface with one login, making it easy to view and print files when and where needed.

“The nature of our business requires staff to be out of town or at other locations, working off tablets to get instant feedback from customers,” said Ma Wenjie, designer at E+D International, an HP Designjet T520 ePrinter beta customer. “Through the use of HP Designjet ePrint & Share, we can review these changes and make timely modifications with the client, while our remote workers can send their comments to our in-house printer, greatly improving efficiency.”

HP Designjet ePrint & Share, now in its second generation, enables users to access and print large-format documents using an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, a laptop, or an ePrinter touch screen.

Pricing and Availability

The HP Designjet T120 ePrinter series is now available worldwide, for an estimated retail price of $1,000. The 24- and 36-inch models that compose the HP Designjet T520 ePrinter series are also available worldwide, for estimated prices of $1,800 and $2,500, respectively.

HP Designjet ePrint & Share is available at no additional cost for HP Designjet customers who create an account. The mobile application is available through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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