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On the Job: Integrated Plotting Wipes Out Worries for HOK

15 Dec, 2004 By: Cadalyst Staff Cadalyst

Triple R Technologies' Plotstream and an on-site service provider streamline project delivery

Triple R Technologies, developers of the Plotstream control and automation system for AutoCAD plotting, recently teamed up with BP Independent Reprographics, an on-site service provider, to deliver new printing and plotting capabilities to HOK, a global provider of design and project delivery services.

Unlike conventional batch plotting systems, Plotstream is server-based, so plot processing is done continuously, away from users' desktops. Users can employ the project-centric framework to configure, control, and delegate plotting decisions throughout the enterprise. Any user can plot quickly and accurately to multiple devices.

Plotstream offers a variety of features, including its easy-to-use PSClient interface (figure 1) to submit agents, or plot jobs, to the plot server for processing; the PSConfig module (figure 2), which is used by a plot administrator to set up and input all plot parameters for an individual project; and the PSQueue server queue component (figure 3) for monitoring and manipulating the queues of the Plotstream plot servers.

Figure 1. Plotstream's PSClient interface allows users to select drawings from the location specified by the project selected.

Figure 2. From pull-down menus in Plotstream's PSConfig module, users can create a new project, edit a project, edit a Plotstream server, back up or restore configuration data, copy project data, synchronize the available Plotstream servers, or change Plotstream servers.

Figure 3. Through the PSQueue user interface, users may monitor, prioritize, redirect, pause, and delete Plotstream agents from the agent queue, contingent on network security credentials.

Janice Dannebaum, HOK director of office administration, reports a very smooth transition to Plotstream. "The technicians and support staff of BPI have certainly made this a very easy and welcome change, not to mention a great plotting tool that has exceeded our expectations. Plotting is something we no longer worry about during our design process".

Says Jerry Equi, HOK principal, "We found Triple R's Plotstream to be the best solution for our project needs while integrating seamlessly into our existing IT infrastructure. We didn't fully realize the significance or impact of the Plotstream system until after it was implemented. Plotstream helps us manage the relationship between project environments and document output."

"Time, overhead, and training are expensive, says Neil Scott, vice-president of BPI.. "Plotstream greatly reduces these costs and adds to its already outstanding ROI. Installation and support requirements are minimal, and Plotstream supports all industry-standard plotters on the market. There is no need to configure special drivers or use any proprietary hardware.

"Plotting has always been regarded as a separate process -- you design and then you plot," Scott continues. "Plotstream integrates plotting to existing CAD environments within the design process."

Plotstream is an enterprise plotting system that promotes project-centric control over the document output environment, simplifying and expediting project delivery. With Plotstreaming Technology, decisions are delegated to the proper team members in the organization so that plotting is consistent, fast, and accessible to users of all skill levels.

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